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Rural based eco tourism

monchasha rural based sustainable eco initiative

monchasha rural based sustainable eco initiative

The vast lands of rural bengal, covered with unspoiled greenery are spilled everywhere that give you a feeling of unbounded joy. Not only for the treat of eyes, such places taught us something about our past – the rural tradition, the authentic culture – ritual – cuisine – craft and the local style of living. http://www.monchasha.com

Award from Tripadvisor

Rural Based Sustainable Ecotourism Initiative "Monchasha" - Awarded by Tripadvisor

Rural Based Sustainable Ecotourism Initiative “Monchasha” – Awarded by Tripadvisor

Rural Museum :: @ Monchasha

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

Monchasha :: Lokayat Songrohosala :: Traditional Museum

The collection is going on….

New Initiatives @ “Mon Chasha”

Traditional Museum For The Rural Cultural Heritages of Bengal

A knowledge - base :: basically for the children

A knowledge – base :: basically for the children

A Typical Grain Storage of Rural Bengal Village Life

Dhaner Morai :: Grain Storage @ "Mon Chasha"

Dhaner Morai :: Grain Storage @ “Mon Chasha”

Audio Visual Library @ Monchasha for the inhouse guests

Audio Visual Library @ Monchasha for the inhouse guests

The New Book Library @ Monchasha

The New Book Library @ Monchasha

Monchasha Roadmap

Route Map of Monchasha

Route Map of Monchasha

The Road Route From Kolkata :

Kolkata – Vidyasagar Setu – Uluberia – Bagnan – Kolaghat – Nimtori – Nandakumar – (Towards Digha) Chandipur – Henria – Kalinagar

For Your Reference :: Nandakumar To Kalinagar Bus Stop Is 35 Km only


* If you miss to track the KM at “Nandakumar Island” then please note that the distance between “Henria” (A Major Crossing before Kalinagar) To “Kalinagar Bus Stop” Is only 7 Km.

Take A Right Turn From Kalinagar Bus Stop. A Pink Coloured Kali Temple Is Situated On The Crossing. Drive 5.5 Km Straight Along A Blacktop Road. Ask for Paushi Village. Enroute Cross A Rail Line (Without Level Crossing) & 2 Small Temples (Nagraj Basuki Mandir & Kali Mandir). After This 5.5 Km Ride You Will Find A Moram Road (Laterite Red) On Right Side (Condition > Bad :: Length > 400 Meter). At The End You Have To Cross A Bridge Which Has 2 Exits. Take The Left Exit & After 7 – 8 Shops Take A Left Turn Once Again. Go On For 100 Meters, Crossing A Sluice Gate Along With “Bagda River” & You Will Find “Monchasha”.

Visitors Review @ “Mon Chasha”

Visitors Book :: Mon Chasha


On 15th March 2014 Alakananda Roy Wrote:

Unique concept of village tourism perfectly blended with heartfelt hospitality has ensured tourist leave with a lasting impression. Not to miss out the sumptuous food and musical extravaganza which was truly, enjoyable. Full moon night, bright colors of holi, songs, adda river cruise and pottery classes. We all enjoyed all of it. Hope to come back with friends and family many more times.

On 15th March 2014 Murarimohan Bhattacharya Wrote:

In a word very excellent in all aspects. Hospitality as well as the ambience after Monchasha will be remembers for a long time to come. Creativity of the organizers demand some new approach. I stayed here for 2 nights and 3 days. I go to my destination keeping this impression in my mind that I shall have priority to hope this spot while I shall think over staying for weekend tour near Kolkata.

On 15th March 2014 Ashish Kapur Wrote:

Great concept and well executed staff was very friendly and hospitable. Entire stay felt like being at home. Excellent food- authentic Bengali food (especially liked the cchicken & the luchi/alu). Only comment would be to create someactivity if we were to stay more than I visit. First passed by easily but need to do something if we stay larger …..may be some trekking trials or cycling etc. other than that everything was excellent.

On 15th March 2014 Rajan Malhotra Wrote:

We started from Kolkata for Monchasha with great enthu but last times of drive changed my mind and mood but as soon as we entered the premises I was tongue tied seeing such a peaceful place in midst of nature. My depression vanished and mood changed & we all were glooming with happiness. Out of the world hospitality, with a personal touch. Good organic food & well cooked. Wishing Monchasha all the best.

On 13th March 2014 Ishtiaque Ahmed Wrote:

Being to monchasha is like being to a distant relative who lives in a village and who loves to be host to the hooligans of the city and give them a lesson on what is life is about i.e. love, simplicity and nature. Monchasha gives you a impression of being your second home where you come to recharge your soul. It was a repeat value for nature friendly crowd. A gem of a place in West Bengal.

On 9th March 2014 Swati Soumendu Das Wrote:

Monchasa: Nice experience, great food, homely atmosphere, friendly people and a very affexctionate and nice host. Great woman with great taste of managing nature and people….definitely shall come again…

On 8th March 2014 Sarbani Choudhury Wrote: of

An ideal gateway to break the monotony of crowded city life wonderful experience. Planning to come back for a second time very soon.

On 23rd February 2014 Anindita Das Sharma Wrote:

Eco-tourism (rural) at its best. Hospitality too good. An earnest effort from Nelanjanda, Debjanidi and the staff , Especially Partha and chiranjit. Every one with a travelers heart/mind should visit Monchasha. All the best to team Monchasha.

On 23rd February 2014 Kousli Bhattacharjee Wrote:

We are really happy for the hospitality of all the staff. Ambience is also very nice. We appreciate the endeavor of Monchasha.

On 23rd February 2014 Mahua Banerjee Wrote:

It is great and memorable experience and I wish I com back next time with my family and friends. This people are very good and well behave and sweet nature they are great.

On 23rd February 2014 Nidhi Majudar Parwal Wrote:

Monchasha: Great experience….pure & refreshing feel…..so much down to earth….lovely village ambience right from the wholesome Bengali meals and helping cooperative people….Built on an ethos of economic self reliance and ecological, sustainability….fishing, pottery pure fell of village….awesome cottage…lots of greenery, flowers and a home like stay…Awesome…THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS….

On 22nd February 2014 Anubrata Das and team Wrote:

It was a great and pleasure to be a guest in such a wonderful place will come back for sure in near future.

On 20th February 2014 Pradip bhawal Wrote:

Loss of words to describe this place, Fabulous. All was very good a really expect to come back in near future. All are good and excellent.

On 18th February 2014 Prakhar Dadhich Wrote:

Excellent setup even better hospitality will definitely recommended.

On 18th February 2014 Mohit Jindal Wrote:

Have travelled wide but not experienced the kind of hospitality & services offered by Monchasha. If u want re-energies yourself for your daily routine & away from stressful period, kindly come & stay at Monchasha for 2 days.

On 16th February 2014 Nandini Indranil Chandra Wrote:

Monchasha is a remarkable veniure / initiative. We enjoyed stay at this beautiful eco friendly destination. Hospitality was infomatiive and really looked after as well. A1 service & food wish you all the best Thanks.

On 16th February 2014 J Roy Choudhury Wrote:

It was a lovely experience, looking forward to our next visit, which will be soon. It will be even more exciting and pleasant if we can have a spa facility.

On 16th February 2014 Dipti Priya Mukherjee Wrote:

It was a wonderful, restful, experience. Very artistically done up place. Very thoughtful, will come again, excellent service…thank you….

On 12th February 2014 Ratna Banerjee Wrote:

Excellent ambience, food & service facility. However through the rooms should have some storage space.

On 12th February 2014 Anirudha Deshmukh Wrote:

Great experience..thoroughly enjoyed the time away from city life. Excellent service, food and facilities.had a great time making drawings, would love to visit again.

 On 5th February 2014 Sounak Gupta Wrote:

Stay to be remembered forever.

On 5th February 2014 Samanway Kumar Gupta Wrote:

Enjoyed everything. Excellent !!!

 On 5th February 2014 Sishir Kumar Gupta Wrote:

I enjoyed staying here for a very short time. It is a new experience. I would like to visit here for a longer period. Service is very cordial. Food was also very good.

On 2nd February 2014 Sudipta Biswas Wrote:

The ambience is fantastic, well thought & meticulously planned infrastructure. Really attractive place for weekend holiday. Excellent hospitality. Service well praiseworthy.

 On 2nd February 2014 Subir Chakraborty Wrote:

Wonderful ambience. Great Hospitality & a great example of eco facility. Keep it up and may God bless.

 On 2nd February 2014 Sushmita Chakraborty Wrote:

Must impressive. Service really good. Hope it remains like this.

 On 31st January 2014 Subrata Bose & family Wrote:

A very thoughtful effort. We enjoyed every minute in the calm of the surroundings.

On 31st January 2014 Bimal & Mekhala Biswas Wrote:

Food is very very tasty and service is excellent. We enjoyed very much. Thanks a lot.

On  27th January 2014 Rajib Saha & family Wrote:

M – Monchasha is

O –  Organized

N – Natural

C – Cherishable

H – Homely

A – Adorable

S – Simple Living

H – High Thinking

A – Atmosphere


On  27th January 2014 Debjit Chakraborty Wrote:

I can’t express how we spent the goodtime with each other & the wonderful hospitality provided by the staff & the owners at Monchasha. All room amenities were provided & the overall maintenance of the room was perfect & awesome. Overall we had a great experience & wish to come back again. Wish you lots of blessings from God.


On  26th January 2014 Amlan Ghosh & Rupanjali Mukherjee  Wrote:

Really it was an awesome experience, specially the ambience & the hospitality. I would like to tell all my friends & families to visit once.


On  22nd January 2014 Architect Surajit Roy  Wrote:

It was a dream comes true. I never expected such hospitality in this place. The design of this place is very good. As an architect I really liked your design. At last a heart full thanks and look forward to stay here in future.


To live with the head held high amidst the lap of sylvan pastures, where the mind becomes fearless, where the swings ushers in our childhood & the heart feels free to explore in irrational pleasures …. It’s that place where our soul streams out loud, away from the maddening rush & hustle & bustle of the man made forest  made of concrete ….


On  20th January 2014 Dr.Ranadeep Rudra & Sutapa Basu  Wrote:

A pleasant and peaceful experience. Beautiful ‘Monchasha’, will definitely come back again.


On  19th January 2014 R Chakraborty & family  Wrote:

Very good weekend gateway in the nature’s lap. Excellent services and feel like home. Takes the mind off from all the tension of city life.


On  14th January 2014 D. Sinha & family  Wrote:

Excellent arrangements. Homely atmosphere. Cordial behavior from all the monchasha family members. Special thanks to Biswajit, Surajit, Chiranjit & Malibhai. Will surely come back again.


On  13th January 2014 Indrani Ghosh  Wrote:

Awesome concept and wonderful place. A home away from home. Great hospitality, lovely wholesome home cooked food. Great Service. Many thanks for a memorable holiday. Kudos Debjani. Will surely come back again.


On  12th January 2014 Jayanta Mukherjee  Wrote:

Speechless !!


On  11th January 2014 Gautam Saha Chaudhury  Wrote:

Missed my family. Specially Sreeya – my sweet little daughter.


On  10th January 2014 Agni & Sophia  Wrote:

Unbelievable peaceful ambience !! Missed my friends when with my family & missed my family when with friends. Will come back again !!


On  5th January 2014 Gautam Ghosh Dastidar  Wrote:

Great place to relax from the running life. Enjoyed every second of our stay. Correct ambience, natural beauty & food. We would sure want to come here again & again.


On  5th January 2014 Jashodhara Ghosh  Wrote:

Simply enchanting…. Makes me long to come back again & again. The trip would not be so memorable without the heartwarming service of everybody present. Kudos to the promoters rather pioneers.


On  1st January 2014 Mainak & friends  Wrote:

Complete different experience. A new way to start the year. Nilanjan & Debjani all the best for your endeavour. Happy new year 2014.

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